Monday, September 27, 2010

How to Avoid Disasters: Cakes

So, the majority of my brides are on a budget...But how do you know if you are really getting a great deal or if your vendor is pulling one over on you. Take a look at these disaster cakes; it just might make you think twice about the baker you are using.

What they wanted:

What they received:

What they wanted:

What they received:

I wish that I could say this never happened to one of my brides! How do you avoid this happening to you? First of all, make sure that you see cakes that the actually baker that is working your wedding actually created. You might even want to name that person in the contract and agree on an emergency situation, so that if something does come up and the contracted baker is unavailable, you are involved in the process of selecting a new person . Get recommendations from previous brides and previous vendors that have worked with this company. Vendor recommendations are often times overlooked, but you should always get the opinion of one of your vendors before you hire anyone new. Unlike brides, wedding professionals experience multiple people in the same field and they can give you an excellent insight on what you don't see. If you have a wedding planner use them! I have a strict one strike and you're out policy. If anything goes wrong, I will not recommend that vendor. There are so many times that brides have not asked me my opinion before they hired a vendor and it always makes me sigh when a less than perfect vendor is hired.
In conclusion, be cautious and do your homework! Coming soon.....How do Avoid Disasters: Entertainment.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Beat the Heat- Rae Cosmetics

This past Thursday some of the Buon Affare Events team stepped out in style at Rae Cosmetics' Second Annual Beat the Heat Happy Hour! The event took place at Rae Cosmetics Studio, 26 Doors Shop, 1206 W. 38th St. #1206 in Austin.

The night out featured makeovers by the experts at Rae Cosmetics, a jewelry showcase by Limbo Jewelry, cocktails by Balcones Distilling, and some great vibe music cascading out of the speakers by DJ Aaron Montez.

Of course a few of us had to get some great makeovers- especially since Rae cosmetics is known for their waterproof (read- sweatproof in the hot Texas sun) makeup. The event made for a great girl's night and it was a great chance to sample some different products! Now we're looking forward to the 3rd annual Happy Hour at Rae Cosmetics!

Monday, July 26, 2010

The Big Day- Genevieve and Phillip

On May 22 Genevieve and Phillip were married! They were such a fun couple adding great elements such as a red carpet photo shoot photoboth set-up by Studio 563 and AMAZING food, complete with a mash potato bar, goumet mac and cheese, and a selection of roasted turkey, salmon, prime rib, and much much more!

BAE Planner- Rachel
Ceremony- St. Thomas Moore
Reception- Renaissance Glass Oaks Ballroom
Photography- Studio 563, Jenna Vincent
Florist- Bouquets of Austin, Becky
Hair/Makeup- Keep Austin Gorgeous
Rentals- Marquee
DJ- Altared Weddings- Christian
Videographer- Altared Weddings
Bakery- Simon Lee
Mariachis- Mariachi Estrella

Saturday, July 24, 2010

To See or Not See

The Bride stands ready at the back of the church. In a few moments, the doors will open and she will triumphantly walk down the aisle to meet her soon-to-be husband. The Groom anxiously awaits his Bride at the altar, tears fill his eyes and the anticipation grows.

Finally, the time has come. She floats down the aisle and embraces her Groom; he feels a few tears fall and looks around to make sure no one saw. But the room is empty. No guests, no attendants, no minister -- only a photographer, trying to stay out of the couple's way. Is this a bad dream? No, it's just a "first look".

More and more couples these days are opting to see each other before the ceremony begins. They meet either in the church, outdoors, or in a secluded room and catch their first glimpse of one another in a private, intimate way. Obviously, this is against tradition, but which way is best? Here are some of the pros and cons to help you decide if the "first look" is right for you.

First Look

This allows you to see each other for the first time privately, without anyone's eyes bearing down on you. It gets the first jitters out and gives you a chance to calm your nerves and reassure one another. It also allows for a great photo opportunity, as your photographer is able to get close enough to really capture those tender moments between the two of you. It also gives time for you to get some other shots together, saving time after the ceremony. However, even though you are able to relax, you will not have the excitement and triumph on your face at your actual ceremony. It can almost make your entrance at the wedding less formal and anti-climactic, as you will not have the normal emotions present on your face.

Waiting until the Ceremony

This is a moment your guests have waited for -- they want to strain their necks to see your expressions as you see each other for the first time. It is a precious, raw moment that is reverent and emotional. Brides who have already had a first look tend to be a little more casual about going down the aisle; therefore, your guests are teary-eyed and you are bouncing down the aisle giggling. It's also the traditional way of doing things. For generations this has been one of the most anticipated moments of a wedding. If you want to see that twinkle in his eye as you walk toward him during the ceremony, this is not the route for you. However, on the flip side, if you or your fiancée are extremely nervous, it can also distract from the beauty of this moment.

So whether you choose to lay eyes on one another beforehand or not, now you know you have options. Just make sure you've discussed this beforehand and your photographer / videographer is well aware of your plan. Regardless of the way you do it, you will want the moment captured on film forever.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Not Just for Movies Anymore

One of my new favorite trends for weddings is the popcorn bar. Its a wonderful twist on the candy bar, but even better....Not only can you satisfy your sweet tooth, but those who crave salty can get their fill. I LOVE Popcorn Papa ( Check out their amazing flavors and their equally amazing prices!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Why You Need a Wedding Planner

It used to be that wedding planners were only for the wealthy and famous, but with the typical wedding becoming more and more elaborate and with more couples paying for their own weddings while working a full time job, the necessity for wedding planners has boomed. Not only are planners helping to pull all the details together, they can also be a valuable resource for finding the right vendor for the right price....Many times, vendors will even give the brides a discount, just for using a wedding planner.
Don't take my word for it. Recently, I stumbled across this article:

Leslie Ramos & Jason Carmona
The key to Leslie and Jason’s flawless Texas wedding is simple—hiring a day-of wedding planner to ensure every detail went just right on their big day. While the couple planned the majority of the wedding, hiring Buon Affare Events relieved unnecessary stress during the wedding. “Rachel [our wedding planner] was the key to our wedding being a success. She ensured that the day flowed perfectly and that all issues were handled without it interrupting our evening. If anything went wrong, we certainly didn’t notice!” says the couple.

To share their vegan ethics with guests, Leslie and Jason not only perfected their reception menu, featuring pear-walnut empanadas and green apple and jicama stew, but also handed out Farm Sanctuary glasses to guests as favors, igniting many powerful conversations about the sanctuary and veganism after the celebration.

As unforgettable as the ceremony was, Leslie and Jason say they’ll never forget their honeymoon, sponsored by family and friends, which included a music tour of the UK, as well as a food tour of Amsterdam. “To this day and forever, we still find ourselves daydreaming of our three-week European honeymoon,” say Leslie and Jason.

The couple were an ordinary, everyday couple, that were busy with their careers and didn't have thousands and thousands of dollars to spend on a wedding planner, but decided to have somebody in charge so that they and their family could enjoy the celebration.
*Article written by By Melissa Feineman for Vegan Weddings,

Monday, June 28, 2010


10 Handmade Paper Millinery Country Roses

Whether it is a surge of independence, the economic recession or just the desire for a unique wedding, so many soon-to-be-Mrs.' have become "Do-It-Yourself" (DIY) Brides. For those girls who are brave enough to do everything themselves, the internet can be a helpful, vast resource, or sometimes even harmful.

WEDDING DIRECTIONAL SIGN AND ARROWS, 6  X 18 in. for personalized sign  6  X 16 1/2 in. For Beach Wedding, Ceremony, Reception, Laughing, Fiesta or Cocktail sign

Helpful in that you have the world at your fingertips. Ideas abound, creativity flourishes and materials await. However, many girls find themselves overwhelmed at trying to make decisions during their wedding planning season and trying to be a DIY Bride only adds to the confusion. The internet can add to this stress by allowing too much information to be accessible. To simplify this process, a fantastic, one-stop-shop on the web is Here, brides can find everything from invitations to flower girl accessories. Since every item sold at Etsy is handmade by artists and artisans across the globe, the bride will not lose her individuality. She can come up with her own concept, design it and someone else will make it -- brilliant! It's DIY with a touch of sanity.

Here are some of the editor's top Bridal picks from Etsy:

Paper Flowers

Custom Stamps

Personalized Stickers

Custom Wedding Signs

Something Blue